Free UCO Shuttle Service

A weekday shuttle service is provided by Academic Affairs for no additional fee to UCO students (currently enrolled) and faculty (instructing) for their evening class(es) at the Carnegie Centre and Santa Fe Plaza locations. 

Departure Locations:

  • UCO Main Campus: BronchoLink Bus Shelter by Nigh University Center (shuttle service by Kings Worldwide Transportation)
  • UCO at Carnegie Centre: 131 Dean A. McGee, Oklahoma City, OK 73102
  • UCO at Santa Fe Plaza: 101 North E.K. Gaylord Blvd., Oklahoma City, OK 73102

UCO Downtown Vehicle
For safety: please note the front license plate as the identifier for the van.
There will also be a sign in the window with the official UCO logo.

Spring 2021 UCO Shuttle Schedule:
  • Shuttle does not operate when classes are not in session:
  • Shuttle does not operate for weather-related or scheduled closures

Day Depart        UCO Main Campus         Depart UCO at Santa Fe Plaza         Depart UCO at Carnegie Centre
Monday                4:50 pm                               N/A                                                              9:50 pm
Tuesday                4:50 pm                               9:30 pm                                                     N/A
Wednesday         N/A                                        N/A                                                              N/A
Thursday              4:50 pm                               9:30 pm                                                     N/A

Free Citylink Transit

UCO’s Transportation and Parking Services has partnered with the City of Edmond to provide free bus services throughout Edmond and to Downtown OKC.  View the CityLink route and schedule